Yuankai Ge

Software Engineer
Facebook Inc.
Palo Alto, USA
Email: geyuank@geyuank.com

Work History

Software Engineer, Facebook Inc.

(2012 - 2013) Pages Manager apps: dedicated mobile apps for Page admin to track activities on their Page and posting updates on the go

(2011) Places Editor: crowdsourcing Places info editing on Facebook

(2010) Socially ranked Page wall

Intern, Unwrap Inc. (2009)

Intern, Microsoft Research Asia (2007)


2008 - 2010

M.Sc, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

2004 - 2008

B.Eng, Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Distinguished Graduate Award (top 1%) with Best Bachelor Thesis Honor

Thesis Topic: Modeling, Simulation and Application of RSSI Field in Indoor Environment
Supervised by Prof. Qianchuan Zhao and Dr. Qing-Shan Jia

Past Experience

Service Directory and Service Routing in OpenFlow enabled networks (Report, Demo)
* Co-propose a novel service enabled network architecture for service/network decoupling
* Utilize OpenFlow and NOX controller to multicast/redirect/detour a flow for service needs
* Implemente a service directory prototype using BDB/SQL for service registration and request

Research Assistant, Indoor Wireless Localization System Optimization, Tsinghua (1/08-6/08)
* Conducted fundamental research on indoor RSSI transmission model under multi-path fading
* Visualized 3D RSSI & predicted WSN (MicaZ) localization results based on massive simulation
* Optimized RFID system to improve localization correctness from 67% to 83% under worst-case

Intern, Software-defined Radio for Cooperative Transmission, USC (6/07-7/07)
* Conducted SDR communication research with GNU Radio hardware and USRP software
* Programmed Python scripts for measure maximal ratio combination system performance
* Report link about the internship/exchange program

Research Assistant, Multimedia Transmission on Wireless Network, Tsinghua  (8/06-4/07)
* Programmed a multi-thread wireless video system based on open source H.264 codec
* Performed intensive experiments about video transmission parameters over Ad-Hoc network

Extracurricular Activities:

President, Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (2008-2010)
VP of Tech-Training, Tsinghua Automation Science and Technology Association  (2005-2006))
VP of High School Activities, Tsinghua Volunteer Organization  (2004-2005)

Contests and Awards

Winner of 8th Campus Electronic Design Competition, Tsinghua  (2006)
* Led embedded-C programming on MCU, including competitive AI strategies
* Assisted with printed circuit board (PCB) design and photodiode sensor-board deployment

Stanford Electrical Engineering Fellowship, 2008
Tsinghua Overall Scholarship (top 1%), 2005/2006/2007
1st Prize in Province, China Math Olympic Contest, 2003


Jingyu Cui, Zizhuo Wang, Yichuan Ding, and more... (Tell me if you are not in the list)